Boat Painting in Palm Beach
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Boat Painting in Palm Beach

Palm Beach offers boat detailing, boat painting, fiberglass repairs, and gelcoat repair services.

Your boat is an investment. If you live in Palm Beach, FL, you have many opportunities to take your boat or yacht out onto the open water and enjoy the Florida waters. TradeMark Marine Boat Detailing helps you make the most of your investment.

Our professionals can help you get the best out of your boat, and keep it safe. We are proud to offer quality services in Palm Beach, FL such as boat polishing, varnishing and waxing.


Fiberglass boat owners will likely need to have their boat repaired in order to keep it in top shape. Fiberglass boat repairs might seem simple for boat owners. However, boat owners who attempt DIY fiberglass boat repairs often discover that their boats are in worse shape than before DIY fiberglass boat repairs. Professional fiberglass boat repairs are available to fix foundational problems in your boat’s fiberglass.

Gelcoat repairs are required to protect the outer fiberglass layer of your boat. Gelcoat repairs for boats are difficult to do by yourself and require professional help. TradeMark Marine boat detailing is the best choice for gelcoat repairs. We are experts in boat gelcoat repairs and can help you protect your boat from the elements to get the best out of your investment.

  • Boat detailing, boat waxing, boat polishing and boat varnishing are all available.
  • Your boat will look, feel and function great with the help of boat detailing services. How do you choose the right service for your boat? These are the three most important services for boat owners:
  • Boat waxing – Boat waxing protects your boat from the elements and makes it easier to clean.
  • Boat varnishing-boat tarnishing is a service that will fix any issues with your boat’s exterior or interior caused by weather, UV rays, or water.
  • Boat polishing-boat polishing services remove tarnished areas from your boat’s exterior and make it look new and shiny.

Boat Painting in Palm BeachPalm Beach, FL: Bottom Painting, Yacht Painting, or Oat Painting

Palm Beach, FL, is is a nautical community that is part of Palm Beach County. Palm Beach is know for its large yachts. This makes it a popular choice for retirees as well as those who are looking for a beautiful spot to live.

We offer boat painting and yacht painting services for watercraft owners in Palm Beach and the surrounding area. Our boat painters are skilled in all aspects of boat painting. They can help you paint your boat from the exterior to the bottom.

Our expert boat painters use only the highest quality paints and technology to protect your boat and ensure that the job is done right the first time. We are proud to offer top and bottom painting services that will leave you impressed.

Boat Painting in Palm Beach

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